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Comune di Duino Aurisina

Friuli Venezia Giulia - Parchi e riserve naturali

Regione Friuli Venezia Giulia

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During the 1st World War the front line between the Kingdom of Italy and the Austro-Hungarian Empire stretched for over 600 Km, from the Stelvio Pass in the Alps to the Adriatic Sea, where the karst hills with Mount Hermada and the Duino coastline were the extreme Austrian defence of the sector on the way to Trieste. The rocky coast near Duino was fortified in view of a possible landing of Italian troops in Sistiana Bay and many pillboxes and lookouts were built to monitor the movements of ships in the Gulf of Trieste. The garrison was manned by Austro-Hungarian K. u. Kriegsmarine (marines) in which the k . k. Triestiner Jungschutzenbatallion (Trieste young riflemen’s detachment) - volunteers aged 16 to 19 - stood out.

During the 2nd World War, after the armistice of 8th September 1943, this land was annexed to the Third Reich with the name Nord Adriatischer Kustenland (North Adriatic Coastal Area). As Sistiana Bay became the base for a group of pocket submarines of the German Navy, the old Austrian-Hungarian fortifications on the coast were used again and adapted as anti-aircraft emplacements.
Recently, with the creation of the Rilke path, look-outs and gun emplacements have been upgraded and modified, and converted into panoramic points.

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