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Comune di Duino Aurisina

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Starting the path from the side of Sistiana near the Tourist Office IAT (1), the camp-site to the right and the abandoned quarry near the sea to the left. At the end of the quarry the path crosses a rock field (2) with outcrops of grooved limestone rocks and strips of rock fields with fragmented rocks. Here low, gnarled black pine-trees can be seen which endure extreme temperatures and water conditions. After the rock field one reaches the 2nd World War bunker (3) which is used as viewing point. It is possible to walk along a corridor through the cliffs to a terrace where the coast can be observed below. The path continues among thin bush and grooved rock fields to a higher point which is signposted as viewing point (4). This is the highest point of the path, 90 m above sea-level. Here the view of the Carso plateau and the carsic hills with Mount Hermada (323 m) can be enjoyed. After this panoramic point, the path follows the cliffs overhanging the sea among single black pine-trees and rocky outcrops where bushes are growing. After entering the planted pine-wood, one reaches a junction from which the A 14 road can be reached. The main path continues along the edge of the cliffs, among bush and rocks, and reaches a viewing point on the ruins of another 2nd World War bunker (5). From here the path continues to a junction from which one can reach the A 14 or continue on the new part of the path and reach Duino (6).
The path runs alongside military excavations and continues through the dense vegetation of pine-trees and holm-oaks to Duino. The path for disabled people starts in Duino and reaches the lay-by on the cliff edge.
Comune di Duino Aurisina - Obcina Devin Nabrežina
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