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Comune di Duino Aurisina

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The Duino Cliffs are one of the areas of outstanding natural beauty designated by national law No 442/1971 (the Belci law) and were proposed as a protected area. In 1978 the Duino Cliffs were included in the “F.4 Coastal Strip” protected area of the General Regional Town and Land Plan which proposed to the Regional Administration the setting up of 76 protected areas and 14 regional parks - a proposal hitherto not acted upon.

Article 49 of regional law No 42 of 1996 set up the Duino Cliffs Regional Nature Reserve, including the area already outlined by the Belci law. According to art. 3 of regional law 42/96, a Regional Nature Reserve includes an area marked by its high natural value and it has mainly conservation objectives. Art. 55 of the same law envisages the setting up of a national and international protected nature area in the Carso, which will also include the Duino Cliffs Regional Nature Reserve.

The Duino Cliffs Regional Nature Reserve, together with the shoreline of the Sistiana Bay, has been proposed as a Site of community importance (SCI). These sites are envisaged by European Community Directive 92/43 which lays down that Union Members States designate areas in their territories hosting animal and plant species and habitats listed in the Directive enclosures. The conservation of these species and habitats is considered an European priority. Sites of community importance will belong to an European network of protected areas called Natura 2000.
The Duino Cliffs were included in these areas because they are the only example of high cliffs in the Italian Northern Adriatic Coast and the only world habitat of the endemic plant Centaurea kartschiana.

As regards animals, the Duino Cliffs are the northern biogeographic limit of the distribution area of some bird species typical for the Mediterranean, such as the Sardinian warbler (Sylvia melanocephala), the Subalpine warbler (Sylvia cantillans) and the blue rock-thrush (Monticola solitarius).

The Duino Cliffs are also the westernmost point of the distribution area of the cat snake (Telescopus fallax).
Access to the part of the Reserve comprised between the Rilke path and the seashore was forbidden in 1984 by a series of orders from the Mayor of Duino-Aurisina. Among other things, these forbid vehicle transit on the Rilke path, disturbing wild animals in the area crossed by the path, taking dogs off the leash and the use of radios, tape recorders and the like in the Duino pine-wood.

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